metal core pcb manufacturer in gujarat

Aluminum PCB

The applications where the heat generation is high in the PCBs it required heat to dissipate safely. There is a various way to remove heat like cooling but it creates noise, vibration and consumes energy. The heat sink makes difficult the assembly of PCB and increases the cost with add extra weight and it causes problems.

Let’s take a look at a manufacturing proves of aluminum PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The aluminum PCB contains a thin layer of thermally conductive dielectric material for heat transfer. The aluminum PCBs are known as aluminum clad, aluminum base, and metal clad printed circuit board (MCPCB), Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), thermally conductive PCBs etc. All the names represent the aluminum PCB.

metal core pcb manufacturer in gujarat

The thin layer of thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric laminated between a metal base and copper foil. The metal base pushes the heat from the circuit via thin dielectric and copper foil is etched as a circuit pattern.

There are several benefits of using aluminum PCBs. Like heat dissipation is high than standard FR-4. The dielectric is 5 to 10 time more thermally conductive and thickness is tenth than epoxy-glass. The thermal transfer is more effective than rigid PCB.

The Aluminium PCBs are the first choice of Power converter and LED manufacturers. There are different types of PCBs are available at India Circuit and we design and manufacture PCBs as per requirement. It is used in many forms as per applications. The flexible aluminum PCBs which have polyimide resin system and ceramic fillers which provide maximum electric insulation, flexibility and thermal conductivity. These PCBs can be formed in a variety of angles and shapes. This material is flexible and once it bends it remains the shape. But it is not suitable for regularly flexed.

The next is Hybrid Aluminum PCBs. In this type, the non-thermal material is separately processed and then joined with the aluminum base with a thermal material. The common construction is 2-Layer and 4-Layer sub-assembly made from FR-4. The aluminum base dissipates more heat and provides extra strength.

The next is Multilayer Aluminium PCB. The multilayer PCB made with multi-layers of thermally conductive dielectrics. This construction contains one or more layers of the circuit in a dielectric with blind vias act as thermal or signal vias. It provides more heat dissipation in complex designs than a single layer.

In the complex constructions aluminum form a core of a multilayer thermal construction. In the through-hole aluminum PCB it is pre-drilled and filled with dielectric lamination. The thermal material is laminated on both sides with a thermal bonding material. The holes pass through the clearance in the aluminum to continuous insulation.

We India Circuit design PCB with the latest software and manufacture it with the latest machinery. Our state of the art facility has R&D, testing and manufacturing all under one roof. We have so many satisfied customers and the list is hiking. So don’t wait, come to India Circuit for your requisite PCB at an affordable price.

India Circuit Is Leading Aluminum PCB Manufacturer In India. We manufacture a wide range of Aluminum PCB for a wide range of applications. Our Manufactured Aluminum PCB is highly durable and comes with long life. We specially manufacture aluminum PCB for Led Lights. Which are widely used in LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights and Many other LED Lights Products. We manufacture aluminum PCB from 0.8 to 1.6 mm thickness. The Copper thickness of this aluminum PCB is from 25 μm to 35 μm. We deliver this aluminum PCB all over in India and also manufactures aluminum PCB as per client needs and specifications.

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