Aluminum PCB


Thickness0.8, 1.0, 1.6 mm
Copper Thickness25 μm, 35 μm
Thermal Conductivity 1W, 2W, 3W
Surface FinishHAL, TIN, LACQUER
Dielectric Breakdown3.7 Kv
Peel Strength10.4 LBS/IN

India Circuit Is Leading Aluminum PCB Manufacturer In India. We manufacture a wide range of Aluminum PCB for a wide range of applications. Our Manufactured Aluminum PCB is highly durable and comes with long life. We specially manufacture aluminum PCB for Led Lights. Which are widely used in LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights and Many other LED Lights Products. We manufacture aluminum PCB from 0.8 to 1.6 mm thickness. The Copper thickness of this aluminum PCB is from 25 μm to 35 μm. We deliver this aluminum PCB all over in India and also manufactures aluminum PCB as per client needs and specifications.

The Aluminum PCB is known by many names like Aluminium clad, aluminum base, Metal clad printed circuit board (MCPCB), Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS or IMPCB) etc. The aluminum PCBs are the most common type and the base material consist of aluminum core. Now the question is how aluminum PCBs made? The answer is a thin layer of thermally conductive and electrically insulating dielectric is inserted between the metal base and copper foil. The copper foil is etched on the circuit pattern and the metal removes heat away from the circuit through a dielectric.

The aluminum PCBs has more heat dissipation than standard FR-4 construction. The dielectric material is 5 to 10 percent more thermally conductive and it has a tenth of thickness than epoxy-glass. The thermal transfer is quicker than a rigid printed circuit board. The aluminum-backed PCBs are mostly used in high power and tight tolerance applications. There are many advantages of aluminum-based PCB. The aluminum is easily available and a process is easy. The overall cost of manufacturing is decreased as the raw material is cheap. As we are suffering from global warming the aluminum is non-toxic and it is also recyclable. The manufacturing with aluminum is easy and it is energy saving. For aluminum PCB manufacturer the overall cost is decreased and hence the profit increase. The high temperature in a circuit can cause the damage to the components so it required maximum dissipation for continuous output.

The aluminum dissipates the heat more quickly to prevent the circuit board components from damage. The aluminum PCBs has high durability than ceramic and fiberglass base. The aluminum provides extra strength to PCB while manufacturing, handling and also in everyday use. The aluminum provides maximum durability yet it is lightweight metal. The aluminum PCBs are widely used in high current circuits. It is also used in power supplies, motor controllers and automotive applications.

The aluminum-backed PCBs are mainly used in high thermal heat dissipation applications like LEDs. The aluminum-backed LEDs are used in traffic lights, general lightings and in automotive lights. The aluminum LEDs allow passing the higher currents with remains the temperature controls. The low temperature in LEDs increases its lifespan. The aluminum PCBs are used in products like audio devices, communication electronic equipment, parts of computers like CPU board, floppy disk drive and power supplies. It is also used in power modules like Inverter, solid state relays and rectifier bridges. The India Circuit is well known of a manufacturer of PCBs. They also make aluminum backed PCBs as per requirement.

The India Circuit is famous for it’s in time delivery and after sale services. The product comes from India Circuit facility is passed from quality control and tested with various methods for maximum performance. All the PCBs are made in India Circuit is made with the latest technology and have highly trained workers.

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