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The double-sided PCBs are used for complex applications. In the double-sided PCB there are two layers of circuit copper and between them, there is a dielectric layer. The two layers are connected using vias. The solder mask is applied on both the sides. The double-sided PCBs are more commonly used these days. The double-sided PCBs are more flexible for designers. This printed circuit board increased the circuit density. The complexity level of a circuit is not much high as a multilayer. The size of the circuit size is reduced and hence the price is reduced.

double side pcb manufacturer

The manufacturing process starts with designing the PCB. After design the material cuts into require size. The holes are drilled for reference and tooling. The through-hole plated and components holes are made with CNC drilling. The PCB required dust free for the next process and clean with brushing. The PCB is laminated with photosensitive with high temperature and pressure. The photo plots are exposed in UV lights. The developed tracks and pads are copper plated to save from the etching process.

The next step is PCB is etching done with ammonia. In this process, the excess copper is removed but the tracks and pads are safe. The tin stripping is removed by nitric acid. The solder mask is applied on both sides. The solder mask is exposed with a laser for precision. The exposed part is passing through from sodium solution and the soldering points and pads are cleared for the solder mask. The silkscreen is printed on solder mask with a digital inkjet printer. The solder mask is hardened in an oven at approx 150 degrees C. The preheated tin is blown with preheated air and the temperature is around 270 degrees C for surface coating and this process is called HAL (Hot Air Levelling). There are mainly two methods used for mounting the components. In the through-hole process, the components are mounting with leads through holes to another side of PCB and then soldered. The double-sided PCB the components soldered on both sides.

The through-hole increase the cost as it requires more holes to drill and it is time-consuming and also sometimes it has limitation to mount components. Another technique is surface mount technique. The components are used in this process are redesigned for soldered directly on the surface. The surface mount decreases the production cost and the increase the production. So where the double-sided PCBs are used. The double-sided PCB contains a surface mount component, high copper build, solder coated and compatible at high and low temperatures. The double-sided PCBs are used in many different applications. It is used in Industrial Controls, Power Supplies, and Control Relays etc. It is widely used in regulators, UPS systems, hard drives, Printers and in amplifiers. We India Circuit are specialized in design and manufacture double size PCBs. The PCBs are made at India Circuit manufactured with the latest technology.

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