Single Side PCB

Single Side PCB Manufacturing Process

Single sided PCB as the name stated it has only one side of the conductive material. The PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board. The process starts with designed with computer software like EAGLE, CAD, Easy EDA etc. After designing, it is printed on a normal page and then expose on screen by UV light. With this screen, the PCB is printed with screen printing technology. After, it is baked in the oven at 100-degree centigrade for 15-20 minutes. As there is the layer of conductive material mostly copper on the top surface it is passed through an etching process.

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In the etching process, the excess copper is removed and only remains the printed area. Then it is passed through brushing for smoothening the surface. Again it is printed with much known green color for different applications and white print for LED PCBs. This process is known as masking. Again it is put in the oven for 20 minutes. After applying solder paste it is placed in pick and place machine to mount the SMD components. The PCB is ready for use in various electronic gadgets and LED lights. Now let’s take a look at where these PCBs are used. With PCB the size of the camera is reduced more and more. It is used in radio and other audio equipment.

Application of Single Side PCB

The single-sided PCB is used in calculator which is make arithmetic calculations fast. It is used in switching relays which are widely used in the automotive and power industry. The PCB can be used at timer circuit to ON and OFF machine automatically. It is widely used in sensor technology to reduce the size of the device. In the defense and communication devices, the PCBs are widely used for maximum output in a compact size. The daily use devices like coffee maker, vending machines and microwave ovens contain single sided PCB. Every LED contains the single-sided PCB. Without PCB the LED cannot work properly. With the increasing demand in LED the requirement of single-sided PCB is also increased and with it, the LED industry is grown more and more nowadays.

Single Side PCB Manufacturers

The process of making single sided PCB is easy and has low manufacturing cost. Due to this, there are lots of single-sided PCB manufacturers, provide a wide range and different size of PCBs. The designing of the circuit is very easy as the components are on one side only. These PCBs are easily repaired as there are fewer components and the fault is easily found. The India Circuit is very well known manufacturer of PCBs in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. There are all types of PCBs manufactured as per the client’s requirement in India Circuit. The PCBs are made with using the latest technology and have highly trained staff. They continuously research to make PCB more efficient and cost-effective. The company is known for their product delivery as per schedule and have lots of satisfied customers with our products and services.

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